This year, De L.K.V is working together with VU Boekhandel. They have created a website for us so that you can easily order your books and have them delivered to your home! The books can also be picked up from us, but we encourage you to have them delivered to your home if possible due to the ongoing corona crisis. 
The deadline for ordering books that are picked up from us is 14th February. After this date, you still can order books with delivery to your address.

Enough practical information for now, let’s order!
1. Go to
2. Click on “Order”
3. Choose your program and the right year, if you have chosen correctly you will get a list of names and photos of all the books you need for this semester
4. Choose the books you want to order by checking the boxes to the left of each item
5. Click on “Order” under the list of books
6 a. If you already have an account you can continue by logging in
6 b. If you do not have an account yet, you can continue by clicking “Register” (in the text above the login columns)

7. After clicking “Register” you will come to a screen where you can enter the correct information to create an account. That information is also used to send the books to you, if you choose to have them delivered to your home. 

Please note! You must be a member or become a member of De L.K.V. to order books. You can indicate via the form whether you are a member or not. If you are not yet a member you pay 20 euros extra on top of your order for membership.

8. The items you have selected are in your shopping cart. You can find it in the top right corner of the website, the icon of a shopping cart.
9. Choose “Send” if you want to receive the order at your address or “Pick up Students Union” if you want to pick it up from us.

Please note! The pick-up moment of books will be sometime around 18th February, please keep an eye on our newsletter and/or social media for more information about this.

10. Check if everything is correct with your order. Don’t forget to check that “I have read the general terms and conditions” is clicked.
11. Continue to “Place order” and choose your preference of payment. Once the payment is through you will receive a confirmation email.