We invite you to join us for a virtual trip to Lithuania, and more specifically, Lithuania in the 1990s. This virtual journey will be possible because of a guided online tour through the exhibition The Origin of Species: 1990s DNA at MO museum.

The exhibition curator’s main aim was to encapsulate the 1990s in Lithuania, a period people feel nostalgic towards, but that also was great chaos as Lithuania gained independence from the Soviet Union and was becoming a capitalist democratic country. The exhibition invites us to question how the social, political, and economic changes that happened in the 1990s still shape our present and how important was the period’s documentation.

Join us for this exciting journey in time and space: sign up BELOW!  

If you want to know more about the exhibition: https://mo.lt/ivykiai/rusiu-atsiradimas-90-uju-dnr/

WHEN: 8th of April at 4pm 
WHERE: Zoom 

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